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ZPPF supports families from Ukraine

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The ZPP Foundation, in the wake of the ongoing war in Ukraine, has decided to allocate funds amounting to PLN 2,000.00 each to be paid for 3 months to three families from Ukraine to meet their current living needs related to renting a flat in Poland.


The families currently being supported:

A mother with two children from Kyiv

The family arrived in Warsaw on March 6th this year from Kyiv. The woman is 32 years old, with a daughter aged 12 and a son aged 5. The woman has a degree in psychology, has worked in a managerial position and is fluent in English and German. The children are currently enrolled in a school in the Warsaw district of Białołęka.


Grandmother, daughter and granddaughter

The family arrived in Warsaw on March 6th from Lviv. The women are aged 70, 40 and 16. The grandmother is retired, the granddaughter was studying at secondary school (she was due to graduate this year) and the last of the women was Team Lead at a language school.


Mother and daughter

The family originated from Lutsk, in Volyn. The women were employees of Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University. The one of them, doctor of biological sciences, was on the management staff of the university before retiring, while the other, doctor of philology (PhD), taught Ukrainian there.



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