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Support for Ukraine in the year 2022

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Warsaw, 7 December 2022


Since 24th February 2022, the ZPP Foundation has donated a total of PLN 199,518.40 in support of Ukraine.

Within this amount, the Foundation undertook activities such as:

  1. “Business for Ukraine” project within which PLN 130,000 was donated to support the Ukrainian army.
  2. The ZPP Foundation aided three Ukrainian families, who received support of PLN 2,000 for 3 months. (a total of PLN 18,000 was allocated to this purpose).
  3. “Taste of Warsaw, Taste of Ukraine” public collection, during which we managed to collect PLN 8,518.40 which were used to purchase medical supplies for the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Children’s Hospital.
  4. The ZPP Foundation donated PLN 30 000 for the fundraiser “Terenówki na front”.

5. The ZPP Foundation donated PLN 5,000 for the fundraiser “Foundation of Eastern House”.

6. The ZPP Foundation donated PLN 5,000 for the fundraiser “Polskie drony Warmate do obrony Ukrainy!”.

7. The ZPP Foundation donated PLN 3,000 to a camp for refugees from Ukraine.