The ZPP Foundation was established in January 2022 by the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers to fund programs and projects focused on:
– promoting and spreading values essential to the economic development,
– carrying out educational activities in areas crucial for the development of the country,
– supporting the stability of the legal system and security of the economic turnover;
– promoting the idea of common sense and fair competition;
– promoting economic freedom;
– promoting information on regulations and socio-economic conditions in Poland;
– comprehensively supporting Poland’s economic development.

The ZPP Foundation pursues its objectives by, i.a.:
– financing educational, business and social projects;
– financing conferences, seminars, competitions and other events, including public events promoting the goals of the Foundation;
– cooperation with local and government authorities and non-governmental organizations within the scope listed in the objectives of the Foundation;
– financing activities aimed at improving the quality of law, the process of its making and application.

We encourage you to submit applications.